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Dental Practice Purchase & Sale FAQ (Ontario, Canada)

Dental Practice Purchase & Sale FAQ (Ontario, Canada).

Frequently Asked Questions in the purchase or sale of a dental practice (in Ontario, Canada). If you are a dentist selling your dental practice or buying a dental practice, there are certain tasks that your lawyer and accountant should be doing. This article will focus on frequently asked questions by dentists with respect to purchasing an existing practice. Many of the points discussed will also apply to starting a practice from scratch.

Table of Contents:

  • Why Do I need to speak to a Lawyer ?
  • What Does a Lawyer do in the Purchase of a Dental Practice ?
  • Who Else Should I Speak To ? (e.g.: insurance broker)
  • What are the Costs Involved in Purchasing and Operating a Dental Practice ?
  • How Much Should I Pay for a Dental Practice ?
  • Should I use an Agent or Broker Company ?
  • Can I Bring to My New Practice the Patients I Previously Treated ?
  • How Long Does it Take to Complete the Purchase of a Dental Practice ?
  • What Can I Expect From the Seller ?
  • What Non-Legal Issues Should I Consider ?

Dental Practice Purchase & Sale FAQ

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