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How Should I Manage My Emotions?

Video: How Should I Manage My Emotions?

By: Steven Benmor, B.Sc., LL.B., Family Lawyer

Jurisdiction: Ontario (Canada)

… One of the jobs that lawyers have, whether they are working in a collaborative situation or in a court situation or just having the client in the office, when we as lawyers have a client in the office, and everybody by the way who’s going through a separation or divorce is anxious, is nervous, is worried about their present and future situation. They’re going through a traumatic event in their lives so it’s very human and natural for them to feel very emotional. Having said that, you don’t want the emotions to cloud their ability to make reasonable and responsible decisions for themselves and for their children. And the job of the lawyer is to be able to identify when someone is so emotional, may be so angry or resentful, that it clouds their ability to do the right thing and make choices. So what we do often times is we learn to discern that from the client and then refer them to proper resources, whether it’s to a therapist or counselling or may be to speak to their family and friends … (click here for more)

Steven Benmor

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