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Am I Entitled to Spousal Support?

Video: Am I Entitled to Spousal Support?

By: Steven Benmor, B.Sc., LL.B., Family Lawyer

Jurisdiction: Ontario (Canada)

What does the law say about alimony, which by the say we call spousal support. So the law says this, if a person was economically dependent upon another spouse during the relationship and then after the relationship ends the person needs that spouse’s contributions in order to live, in order to maintain a standard of living then that person, that provider will have to continue providing. And there are three questions that this brings us to. 1) Is the person entitled to spousal support. 2) If so, for how long, how many months, how many years. 3) And then also, third question is, how much per month. So Rich you ask a very appropriate question. Can a person just sit at home, be ill-productive, and expect to collect spousal support, and the answer is the law says that if a person is entitled to spousal support it should be paid to the extent that it helps the person to become self-sufficient. … (click here for more)

Steven Benmor

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